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This is particularly helpful for me if you like to pin wedding inspiration.

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Wedding Date

Please include the name of the venue and the venue’s full address.

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Wedding Planner or Day-Of-Coordinator
If you are not working with a professional planner, please name the person most responsible for making decisions on behalf of your wedding day.
Is your ceremony indoors out outdoors?

If outdoors, is there a backup plan in case of rain?

Will the reception be at a different location than the ceremony? *

Is your reception indoors or outdoors? *

If this location is different than the venue location, please include the name of the location and the location’s full address.

If this location is different than the venue location, please include the name of the location and the location’s full address.

Do you have a timeline of the day for me to reference? *
If yes, I will follow up with you regarding having the timeline sent to me. If you do not currently have a timeline, I will reach out to you to schedule a time to create one together either in person or over the phone.

Are you okay with the photographer(s) sometimes being in the middle of the aisle or up close to the altar during your ceremony in order to get close up shots?
Although I try my best not to be intrusive during the ceremony, sometimes close up shots require me to be up near the altar or in the middle of the aisle.

Are the bride and groom doing a first look? *

Are the bride and groom having a formal exit? *
Sparkler send off, bubbles, confetti, etc.?

If no, leave blank

Photography Checklists

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List of items you will have with you on your wedding day and would like photographed

Please rank these wedding photography shots by order of importance, with 1 being most important and 5 being the least. (All are important and will of course be captured, but it’s helpful to know what photos you’re most excited to see)

1 (Most important)




5 (Least important)

Photographer arrival and departure time (Please keep contracted number of photography coverage hours in mind)

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Photographer Arrival Time
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Photographer Exit Time

This is a great place to list things I should be aware of in order to help make your day go as perfectly as possible! Family dynamics, special requests, important details, or anything you would like me to be aware of.


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